so i sip sip sippy on some red red wine

part three of the lord of the rings is on

i’ve got a lot on my mind

hope i pass the class this time

hope i don’t fall for the same boy for the millionth time

hope i get to see the morning sun

though I’m not really not sure if im really hoping to be alive

and i sip sip sippy on this red red wine

it tastes better after every sip

i taste the notes, i gulp down time

and i don’t know what im looking for in the darkness

i don’t know why im begging my senses to dim

i don’t know why i bow down to the poison

i don’t know why i love him

i just sip sip sippy on this red red wine

ask the shadows and the clouds what i did

to deserve this pain

this agony

this melodrama!

(the blasphemy!)

this karma

it’s all floating in pieces

it’s all kaleidoscopic

it’s all beginning to seem meaningless

like i lack some vital foresight

as though ive grown myopic

but i sip sip sippy on my red red wine

got all the worries in the world packed in my back pocket,

but i think i might just be fine.


Lunar Fantasy: The Moon’s Reign🌙✨

FullSizeRender (5)

I’ve always found that I feel much more at ease during the night than during the day. There is a sort of comfort in the stillness of the evening, a mysterious dignity that seems lost on the Sun’s reign.  I can think clearly, hear my thoughts echo all around me. I can breathe calmly, in a solitude that isn’t questioned or disapproved of.

The Sun is confident, certain, bold, proud. The Moon is timid, hesitant, humble, modest. I don’t mean to make the naive mistake of suggesting that either is superior or more vital to the balance of the cosmos than the other. The Sun and Moon exist as the most prominent and apparent manifestations of yin and yang duality- there can be no good without evil, no bravery without cowardice, no man without woman, no night without day.

I hope to one day find the strength within myself to experience the universe through the eyes of the Sun, with an inherent radiance and euphoria that allows me to live freely. However, until then, I will continue to seek refuge under the blanket of blackness over me. I will remain silent, curious, and self-contained, hoping to discover parts of myself that are worth reveling in. I will whisper my most intimate secrets to the Moon, and watch in awe as she transforms them into bewitching incandescent diamonds to decorate her domain with.