Cognitive Sibling Rivalry

I’m making room for Joy in my heart, I think I’m ready to invite her back in. It’s been too long since her presence graced my insides, she’s been greatly missed. 

I had been foolish to find refuge in the likes of her persuasive brother, who easily convinced me that his presence was all that I required to make by, that she was unnecessary. 

I’m finding now that there is room for both, her and her brother, in the home that is my mind. They can both be, her and Melancholy. There is no reason his totalitarian reign must continue to draw a cold, stiff aura into these walls without the slightest intervention. A balance must exist. They must both be, here, dancing in this synchronized way, dueling in a battle of opulent wits. 

Yes, they are both guests, and I must be a patient host, allowing each their turn without allowing myself to fall prey to any hint of bias.