so i sip sip sippy on some red red wine

part three of the lord of the rings is on

i’ve got a lot on my mind

hope i pass the class this time

hope i don’t fall for the same boy for the millionth time

hope i get to see the morning sun

though I’m not really not sure if im really hoping to be alive

and i sip sip sippy on this red red wine

it tastes better after every sip

i taste the notes, i gulp down time

and i don’t know what im looking for in the darkness

i don’t know why im begging my senses to dim

i don’t know why i bow down to the poison

i don’t know why i love him

i just sip sip sippy on this red red wine

ask the shadows and the clouds what i did

to deserve this pain

this agony

this melodrama!

(the blasphemy!)

this karma

it’s all floating in pieces

it’s all kaleidoscopic

it’s all beginning to seem meaningless

like i lack some vital foresight

as though ive grown myopic

but i sip sip sippy on my red red wine

got all the worries in the world packed in my back pocket,

but i think i might just be fine.


Metaphorical Lemonade🍋 

I find it is much easier to fantasize about living and doing and being than it is to wake up in the morning and be ready to take on the grueling challenges you must face everyday. I have always found comfort and reluctance to be more calming than the idea of bravery or adventure. And what does it mean…to “seize the day”? What does it mean to make “lemonade” out of these metaphorical lemons everybody always seems to be talking about?

Who’s to say what the best possible outcome of a situation is? Aren’t there many sorts of flavors of lemonade out there in this expansive universe, who’s to say which is the ultimate lemonade? Is the outcome of a situation, the quality of our lemonade, gauged by happiness? Whose happiness would that be?

I find myself grappling with this idea as of late– of what ultimately decides the quality of a situation and how this is gauged. I wonder how much human error is accounted for when we decide ways in which to make such decisions (which must more often than not be inaccurate and unreliable).

At the end of the day, I suppose the only opinion that matters is one’s own. Because, what is the significance of what the next person thinks about your lemonade? They have the opportunity to make their own! They have different circumstances, more lemons maybe, less sugar, no water perhaps, just milk? What has that got to do with your recipe? Whether you make your own beverage bitterly sour, or irritatingly sweet, add in onions or pixie dust,

Ultimately, while it may be nice if others appreciate the craftsmanship of your unique beverage, it is you that must most often bear it’s taste. So analyze the ingredients you’ve been dealt carefully, and brew up something in whatever fashion tickles your personal fancy. Perhaps in such a world, where everyone makes the most of the ingredients they possess and focus on making their own drinks before heading into someone else’s kitchen to sample and criticize theirs, we can live in a happy world,

A world where everyone can be proud of the the drink they’ve created with their own hard work and resilience, and enjoy it all the more in admiration of their honest effort.