What’s yours shall return. So do not lose sleep or good will over trivialities that were never yours to mourn the loss of. Everything falls in place the way it’s supposed to. Those who are meant to leave can’t stay, those who were meant to  stay are held here by the gravity of their own destiny, not yours. Do not burden yourself with that sort of sense of responsibility, you are small. Have patience, have courage, have compassion, for yourself as well as others. These are vital affirmations. Keep moving, keep learning, maintain your natural momentum. Chin up, breathe.


Our Youth Dissolves 

Yes, at some point we must lull away our anxieties, put them to bed for good. We must rise up out of our own ashes, ready to face the world. We must feel the sun on our face, take her blessing, and be on our way,

Because the youth is dead and we’ve many miles still to go. And we cannot hold onto what doesn’t exist anymore. 

For though those memories, sweet and hopeful as we may recall them, represent a truth that once lived and breathed, 

The present stands before us and bows his head, 

And who are we to allow ourselves to indulge in greed?

So bid fareful and don’t look back, you are stronger than this anticipation

Go live and be and breathe and see

And claim the future when comes your time

Like butter the world is yours to churn 

For without any reason, nor any rhyme,

You’ve been dealt this moment, which, in all of its seeming familiarity, is inconstant and fleeting, and shan’t return