Some Advice for my Timid Spirit 


It’s important to do something worthwhile with the time you have. Do something that you enjoy, that compels your soul to smile and that makes you feel like all the time in the world just wouldn’t be enough. Do what makes you happy and spread the joy that results from this pleasure. Scoff in the face of negativity and answer the mercilessness of your circumstances with unwavering perseverance.

Understand that no one owes you anything, and that this is a great advantage. You have the opportunity to build yourself entirely on your own, to be proud of the person that you become. You have the ability to make choices, to learn, to do things and be anything that springs from the universe in your mind.

Know how to recognize those who truly care for you and cherish them with all the might you possess. Do not harbor ill will towards anyone, find better ways to expend your energy. Think of yourself as a beacon of light and gaiety, spread warmth and comfort despite the state of your environment, leave a lingering sense of hope for others to hold onto.

Be calm. Learn to find peace within yourself. Work through problems with clarity and resilience. Do not be intimidated by difficulty. Strenuous situations make for added color and a more interesting narrative in your ongoing internal monologue, you’ll learn to enjoy this.

Appreciate the beauty all around you as well as inside you. Find the good, find the pure, and respect it in all that it means to you. Acknowledge the bad, acknowledge the tainted, and put forward all the effort you maintain to change it. Understand that good intentions are an act of good will within themselves, and set out to ameliorate what you feel you must.

Smile. Breathe. Listen to some good music. Hang out with friends. Value your instincts and know that you know more than you think you do. Realize that what you now find difficult will seem like child’s play to the you that is looking fondly back in the time that is yet to come.

Be present. This moment will never return, live.




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