Metaphorical Lemonade🍋 

I find it is much easier to fantasize about living and doing and being than it is to wake up in the morning and be ready to take on the grueling challenges you must face everyday. I have always found comfort and reluctance to be more calming than the idea of bravery or adventure. And what does it mean…to “seize the day”? What does it mean to make “lemonade” out of these metaphorical lemons everybody always seems to be talking about?

Who’s to say what the best possible outcome of a situation is? Aren’t there many sorts of flavors of lemonade out there in this expansive universe, who’s to say which is the ultimate lemonade? Is the outcome of a situation, the quality of our lemonade, gauged by happiness? Whose happiness would that be?

I find myself grappling with this idea as of late– of what ultimately decides the quality of a situation and how this is gauged. I wonder how much human error is accounted for when we decide ways in which to make such decisions (which must more often than not be inaccurate and unreliable).

At the end of the day, I suppose the only opinion that matters is one’s own. Because, what is the significance of what the next person thinks about your lemonade? They have the opportunity to make their own! They have different circumstances, more lemons maybe, less sugar, no water perhaps, just milk? What has that got to do with your recipe? Whether you make your own beverage bitterly sour, or irritatingly sweet, add in onions or pixie dust,

Ultimately, while it may be nice if others appreciate the craftsmanship of your unique beverage, it is you that must most often bear it’s taste. So analyze the ingredients you’ve been dealt carefully, and brew up something in whatever fashion tickles your personal fancy. Perhaps in such a world, where everyone makes the most of the ingredients they possess and focus on making their own drinks before heading into someone else’s kitchen to sample and criticize theirs, we can live in a happy world,

A world where everyone can be proud of the the drink they’ve created with their own hard work and resilience, and enjoy it all the more in admiration of their honest effort.


Some Advice for my Timid Spirit 


It’s important to do something worthwhile with the time you have. Do something that you enjoy, that compels your soul to smile and that makes you feel like all the time in the world just wouldn’t be enough. Do what makes you happy and spread the joy that results from this pleasure. Scoff in the face of negativity and answer the mercilessness of your circumstances with unwavering perseverance.

Understand that no one owes you anything, and that this is a great advantage. You have the opportunity to build yourself entirely on your own, to be proud of the person that you become. You have the ability to make choices, to learn, to do things and be anything that springs from the universe in your mind.

Know how to recognize those who truly care for you and cherish them with all the might you possess. Do not harbor ill will towards anyone, find better ways to expend your energy. Think of yourself as a beacon of light and gaiety, spread warmth and comfort despite the state of your environment, leave a lingering sense of hope for others to hold onto.

Be calm. Learn to find peace within yourself. Work through problems with clarity and resilience. Do not be intimidated by difficulty. Strenuous situations make for added color and a more interesting narrative in your ongoing internal monologue, you’ll learn to enjoy this.

Appreciate the beauty all around you as well as inside you. Find the good, find the pure, and respect it in all that it means to you. Acknowledge the bad, acknowledge the tainted, and put forward all the effort you maintain to change it. Understand that good intentions are an act of good will within themselves, and set out to ameliorate what you feel you must.

Smile. Breathe. Listen to some good music. Hang out with friends. Value your instincts and know that you know more than you think you do. Realize that what you now find difficult will seem like child’s play to the you that is looking fondly back in the time that is yet to come.

Be present. This moment will never return, live.



Lunar Fantasy: The Moon’s Reign🌙✨

FullSizeRender (5)

I’ve always found that I feel much more at ease during the night than during the day. There is a sort of comfort in the stillness of the evening, a mysterious dignity that seems lost on the Sun’s reign.  I can think clearly, hear my thoughts echo all around me. I can breathe calmly, in a solitude that isn’t questioned or disapproved of.

The Sun is confident, certain, bold, proud. The Moon is timid, hesitant, humble, modest. I don’t mean to make the naive mistake of suggesting that either is superior or more vital to the balance of the cosmos than the other. The Sun and Moon exist as the most prominent and apparent manifestations of yin and yang duality- there can be no good without evil, no bravery without cowardice, no man without woman, no night without day.

I hope to one day find the strength within myself to experience the universe through the eyes of the Sun, with an inherent radiance and euphoria that allows me to live freely. However, until then, I will continue to seek refuge under the blanket of blackness over me. I will remain silent, curious, and self-contained, hoping to discover parts of myself that are worth reveling in. I will whisper my most intimate secrets to the Moon, and watch in awe as she transforms them into bewitching incandescent diamonds to decorate her domain with.




Sad Souls and Sorcery: I Breathe as the Breeze Travels 


I love the way everything looks at twilight, as though the world has transformed into something out of a fairytale, perhaps more somber than that. The trees’ leaves glow in an orangey tint underneath a sinking crimson sun. My surroundings seep into me and I too feel my soul radiate contentedly in reverence for the golden sky. It’s amazing the effect our environment can have on us.

In such moments, I find myself asking quite bizarre questions. I wonder if such a relationship between the soul and its surroundings has an unlikely chiral twin. Can the state of my emotions sway the environment, just as the environment can sway my emotions? Won’t the shade of the sky alter just a bit as I sigh in disappointment or smile in approval? Won’t the winds rage in response to my looming displeasure? Won’t the clouds lessen my burden by raining when my heart grows too heavy? Will not the sun shine radiantly as I carry about in good spirits?

Perhaps it is vain of me to suppose that I share such an intimate connection with my world. And yet, the idea that I am somehow independent of everything around me, everything I see and breathe in, remains too dull a concept for me to concur with. I suppose this may be because my theory rules out any opportunity for loneliness to ever surface, a glorious notion. How can I ever be alone, when the sky responds in validation of my sentiments? How can I feel abandoned when the trees gather in a comforting huddle to cradle me in their midst? How can I feel an outcast among elements that have so hospitably nestled me into a state of comfort in complete disregard of my towering insecurities?

It’s a lot easier to think of things this way, a lot less intimidating. The trees don’t mind silence, the sky encourages introspection, the ground provides humble heartening. Here, I am home. Here, my sadness finds purpose. Here, my surroundings respond to my soul just as it responds to my surroundings, in an elaborate, symbiotic dance.

I breathe as the breeze travels: mercurial and inconstant, yet familiar and welcoming, as though this has all happened before. And perhaps it has, in another life, a fleeting thought during a dream within a dream– where sadness and magic are hardly any different at all, where my soul, fatigued and melancholy as it may be, is at peace.